1. i am addicted to my computer

2. my dog lisa made me laugh

3. i like good food

4. my favourite salad is tomatoes with mozzarella basil, balsamic

    vinegar and walnut oil

5. i immigrated to canada in october 1996

6. i drink too much starbucks coffee…. hmm, is there even something

    like too much starbucks ????

7. most people think i am selfconfident

8. i love my parents

9. i like audio books

10. pam is very important to me

11. I’ve been together with pam for more than 15 years

12. my favourite seasons are spring, summer, fall and winter.

      every season has something special

13. rocks are beautiful and fascinating

14. i like fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden

15. i like to go to the auction

16. i buy and sell on ebay

17. i love electronic devices like pc’s, cell phones, laptops,

      ipods, digital cameras, etc. love them, love them, love them

18. i’ve learned how to blacksmith and to weld

19. i don’t like it when people don’t like me

20. i’ve always admired my dad

21. i like things organized and clean

22. sometimes i have a hard time to keep things organized

23. vancouver is one of the nicest cities in the world

24. i am very proud of my family

25. i have a great sister

26. candlelight at night makes me feel relaxed

27. i like to decorate

28. i like to cook when i dont “have“ to cook

29. i only like gummi bears made by haribo

30. sometimes i would like to be able to stop the time

31. i love to make bouquets with flowers from my garden

32. social injustice makes me angry

33. i talk to my plants

34. being rich is not all about money

35. i like to work with wood

36. skiing in whistler is a real stress killer

37. i like BBQ

38. my girlfriends mean a lot to me

39. i like to shop

40. my friends are very important to me

41. instruction manuals are more complicated than they need to be

42. i have difficulty dealing with moody people

43. i am claustrophobic

44. my horoscope sign is scorpion

45. i enjoy sitting around a fireplace with friends

46. my best friends are spread around the world

47. i don’t like horror movies

48. some tv shows make me cry

49. i am hurt when people question my integrity

50. “love“ shows itself in many different ways

51. violence against women makes me very angry

52. i like avocados

53. i love to drive my scooter

54. racism makes me question the human race

55. i like nutella

56. i hate it when people lie

57. i miss my dog gino

58. my favourite colour is blue

59. i like nice quality clothing

60. i love warm summer nights

61. sunflowers are beautiful

62. i don’t eat meat …. just fish

63. orange is a great colour

64. i don’t own a skirt

65. my grandma’s apple pie is the best

66. i love the ocean and the sound of water

67. moving to canada was the best thing I‘ve ever done

68. i love playing my drums

69. emails from friends make me smile

70. i love to read

71. if i don’t have time for myself i am not a happy girl

72. raw oysters are yucky

73. the internet and computers are the best

74. i love it when my mom cooks

75. i love canada

76. it makes me mad when people are careless and break things

77. i hate junk mail

78. working in our business is fun

79. my drum set is like a good friend

80. i miss my dachshund lisa

81. my mom is the best

82. my job stresses me sometimes

83. i am proud of my nieces alisa and laura

84 i love sushi

85. i am never bored

86. i often do lots of things at the same time

87. starry skies are fascinating to me

88. i often eat too fast

89. I love to go to the hair dresser and get a head massage

90. my favourite ice cream is chocolate

91. i like mornings

92. i dislike violence on tv or anywhere else

93. i like chinese food

94. i can’t remember jokes

95. i love animals

96. i am a non smoker

97. fur coats are totally unneccesary

98 i love the moon

99. my favourite books are positive thinking and business books

100. I love business and marketing

101. I used to be a bodybuilder

102. it feels like my life is a slowly filling treasure chest

103. what’s inside me can’t be taken away



5 Responses to “100 things about me”

  1. Kelly Says:

    #69 is “Emails from my friends make me smile.” Well I am writing you to say hello, and let you know I am reading your blog.I hope this makes you smile……it made me smile reading about your 100 things. Pam and you both have inspired me to do a list!
    Take care friend……… Kelly

  2. Mrs. Debbi McGuire Says:

    Nice blog Elke! I was going to comment that in your list of “100 things about me” you didn’t mention that you are an accomplished photographer. But then, after I browsed through your photos, I realized that it is actually glaringly obvious!! Duh.
    Way to go girl.

  3. Sheila Says:

    Hi Elke, as for #6, No there definately is not ever too much Starbucks. Now that I have one here, I have frequented it, well…… frequently! Love your blog. And by the way, I think your switch over to the English lanquage has been amazing.

  4. wendy leroux Says:

    I loved your list and I love the blog.

  5. Lesley Says:

    Mom and Janet and I (and Jannie was with us for awhile) just returned from Maui, and your love of the ocean and sound of water would be filled to overflowing there…note references to water…the sound of surf crashing is almost constant. I have so enjoyed reading your Blog, thanks for sharing it all. The babies made me laugh and the DUI video made me laugh even more…that guy can really dance!

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