christmas is a time to relax and enjoy. that’s at least what it should be. this year i made a conscious effort to do just that and i think i was pretty successful. it’s not always easy but what is these days? at work this time of year is always a little bit stressier, because we work with a bit of time pressure and need to get certain things done before christmas time and before everybody next in line goes on a break. but, as ususal everything was done in time and now i am enjoying the christmas holidays. i think the only thing that i am really missing is my family. they are just too far away for days like this and talking to them on the phone is just not the same. even though i love talking to them on the phone but … know what i mean.

anyhow, christmas is going great, the music is running in our cd player, the candles are burning and the food goes into our mouths faster than it should. oh what the heck…. it’s the season to be jolly and there is so much time afterwards to watch your weight and only eat healthy food. there is just no good way of saying :  “no thanks” to pam’s self-made ulra-super-fabulous cookies.

i hope everybody has a lot of time to enjoy this holiday season with friends and family.

merry christmas!