i really don’t know what to expect next.

after about 6 weeks of rain and flooding in october and early november pam and i were glad to have a break and went off on our long awaited trip to los angeles. we had great weather and lots of fun with walks in shorts and lunch outside in a beer garden-like restaurant. (this trip is a complete other story)

on the way back to vancouver we were reminded of the weird weather we left behind a few days ago. snowstorm in vancouver and delays of about 6 hours was the news of the day ……. we arrived late late late or better said early in the morning in vancouver and stayed in the city because of late-night-bad-road-conditions and a snowed in car.  we went home the next morning. many further days of snow, cold winds and just unusual conditions for langley and vancouver were followed by a lot and i mean a lot of rain.  well …i almost forgot the wind.  an unbelievable windstorm  raced through the lower mainland taking everything with it…..

i am not sure if i have ever experienced such a powerful wind. it’s kind of creepy and hard to believe how powerful it really is. we heard in the news about stanley park and that about 1000 trees were lost. oh my gosh…..1000 trees!!!  this can’t be!! it’s stanley park!!  how can we lose 1000 trees in stanley park?  a weekend later we had a short trip to vancouver and drove partly through the park to see some of the damage. it was almost too dark already to see what really happened, but after searching through the internet to find some pictures of the damage i am almost glad we didn’t see more that night.

the power of nature is just unbelievable. …..  what can i say… just check it out for yourself. i found these pictures in flickr. somebody took them and posted them online. i am not totally sure what the ‘fat ass’ run is, but the guy has good pictures. click on the pictire or the link below… same thing:


for pictures (click here)

 and then there was another storm …and another …..and today we had a rainfall like never before. as i was looking out the bedroom window this morning it felt like somebody was standing on the roof pouring down a bucket of water right in front of the window. it was just pouring.

crazy, crazy, crazy…….. toronto had 7 degrees plus today …. it’s january and i am almost sure they didn’t even have snow yet.

where does it go from here…..what’s coming next???