another successful day at the auction!!! yeaaaahhhhhh !

for the longest time pam and i were thinking of getting a laminate floor for our front room  but couldn’t make up our minds about when to start, where to get it and should we, could we, maybe just one room to begin with etc . my last trip to the auction answered all our questions. there it was….. a pallet full of laminate floor just like we wanted it. WOHOOOO!  it was early afternoon and i was just checking at the auction what was going on and if it was worth to go tonight . well….. of course it was worth to go tonight as long as pam was as excited about getting floor as i was. i called her right away and told her what i just found and was wondering if she would like to come with me tonight. i didn’t want to buy flooring for our house without her seeing it.


she was excited but not quite as ‘crazy’ excited as me…but that’s just the way i am …….wohooooooo! you know…….

i rushed home to confirm the room size. hmm, maybe the flooring will sell at a really good price and we could get it for the whole house??  wow, now we are talking. wishful thinking i thought, but when it comes to the auction you never know.

i measured every room upstairs, hallway, stairs……everything and went as prepared as i could be to get pam and off we went to the auction.

we won our bid and are now proud owners of enough laminate flooring to do our whole house! how exciting!!

we got is for such a good price, that we couldn’t say no to the deal! now it’s up to us to get it done. our work is cut out for us, but there is no rush.  right now i am working on cleaning out my workshop. i want to turn it into a drum room/studio. after the drum set is moved from the front room into the new drum room we can paint the front room and start to lay the floor in there. ……. and that will  be the beginnnig of a lot of work 🙂

i am looking forward to this job, but that is now…… ask me in a few weeks again 🙂 so, stay tuned for more updates and adventures.