ohhhhh, this is so much fun!!!

this morning after i checked my email and went to my blog i had 11 messages and mails! super!  thank you to everybody that took the time to post a comment or mail me. i knew i can count on my canadian friends. i can feel a lot of fun coming up.

today, saturday, i went to home depot attending a class about renovating the basement. i know, i know we don’t have a basement, but i thought a wall is a wall is a wall. and so it was. you can never learn enough …….. i went home with a few more ideas and some of my questions answered. i used today to work on my project – building a new show booth. the hardest part on a booth is not only the look, but also the practicality….building it in a way that it is easy to pack into smaller pieces and also that it is not getting too heavy. i think i am getting there …… it’s going to be a backdrop that looks like a shed with some cute little details. i won’t give too many details away. as soon as the backdrop is painted i will post pictures for everybody to look at. so make sure to come back and get the “whole picture” . here is a little glimpse behind the stage 🙂

imgp2383.JPG   imgp2386.JPG