my show booth is finally done.

i have to say i am a little bit proud of it…… i am also a little bit sad that it’s all done, because i like building things. it’s kind of rewarding when an idea comes toghether. kathy gave me a hand with painting the backdrop and giving it the look of a shed. thanks kathy very much!! you are great! debbie sewed the roof (we like to call it the sail) and did a great job!! thanks to you too, debbi. we love what you did!!

now i have to number everything and pack it up to go to toronto. the real test will be when we put it all back together but i am not concerned. it’s all figured out and will be great. can’t wait to use it.  but for now, i can’t wait to hear about your reaction. let me know what you think in the comments.

until then …….