February 2007

i love whistler!!  i don’t know how often i have been in whistler but everytime it feels like i am falling in love with this place agian.  unfortunately we didn’t have sunshine this past weekend, but 6″ new snow, yeahhhh !!!

our great friends carolyn and gerard with their most beautiful baby michele came from los angeles for a visit.  we went to whistler and enjoyed every minute we had together. ahhhhhhh i love trips with people who feel and think the same way we do. there was no stress just great times and lots of fun. i think it’s much easier to just look at the pictures and judge for yourself. be careful …. extreme cuteness ahead!    (click here)




i know i haven’t written anything in my blog for almost 2 weeks…..sorry but i was very busy.


my projects seem to get bigger and bigger. after i was done with building a show booth i started cleaning out my workshop. the plan is to move all the tools and the STUFF (help!!!) into the front 1/3 of the garage and use the back 2/3 which was already a workshop and turn it into a drum studio.

well ……  the project kind of got bigger and bigger by the minute. there was already a wall with a very small door but it needed some good insulation and also a wider door to go from the front of the garage to the back. no big deal i thought and so i started…….





it’s now 3 weeks later and i am getting closer to the end of the chaos. after i took off the gyprock from the existing wall i realised that it would be much easier to take out the whole wall rather than trying to build around an existing mess. and so it went …… it didn’t take me long and the whole wall was gone.


i am now back with a newly “safe’n sound” insulated wall, a new door, gyprock and even a new door knob! woohoo! it will take me a while to finish this project because i am working around all the things that were in the room before and also have to go back in again.

i am moving things from right to left….. building, sawing, cutting, hammering ….and then everything goes back to the right. also, the weather has not been very cooperative these days. everytime i have all the stuff moved out into the driveway it starts raining and off i go putting everything back into the garage just to make it a little bit more complicated to work.




anyhow, i am chipping away bit by bit and it looks better every day. i can’t wait to get this project done so i can move my drum set out of the family room. this means i can then start laying the new laminate floor! oops, i am getting ahead of myself  ….  one project at a time.