March 2007


ohhhh how i love this show ………. every year at about the same time (beginning of march) we are at the canada blooms show in toronto. the weeks before are always a little bit stressful with getting all the things we need for the show organized, but i still love every minute of it.
this year we decided to build a new show booth which would be more representative of who we are and what we are all about than the past booth. i already mentioned the building of it in my past blog entry and you already saw the picture of it, but now it was finally time to show it off.

every year since the first time we attended the show, patti was with us und helped us out!! thank god for that! it wouldn’t be the same without her. we (this year it was pam and me) arrived in toronto on monday morning and had the tuesday to set up our booth and get comfortable in our hotel. patti visited with a friend and met us tuesday evening in our hotel where we all settled in to start our show week wednesday morning.

i still think it is unbelievable what people create in a few days in the middle of a hall …. flat concrete floor and that’s it. they start about 4 days before the show with piles and piles and piles of soil, trees, bushes, forced flowering bulbs and just about anything you can imagine. 4 days later when the show starts it looks like the gardens have always been there and the waterfall, the bridge, the huge shed and patios, the ponds and rock walls will stay there for ever. that’s the sad part about it….. everything will be taken away in about 2 days right after the show and it looks like nothing ever happened. AMAZING! to talk about it all would take for ever. there was just too much nice stuff, too many great ideas and too much inspiration to name them all. take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.   

(to see the pictures click here)

what i know for sure is ….. i love every minute of it. from the flight to toronto, the time with patti and pam in the hotel, the endless hours in our booth talking about the catalogue and what we are all about, the presentations, the talks and walking through the show gardens to the flight home and looking back at everything. i am very glad that we always have such a great time and can’t wait for the next show. next year, same place, same time.


i feel blessed and fortunate to have such great friends. We just came back from our second weekend in whistler and had a wonderful time again. this weekend was possible because we have such great friends. friends like dave and patti or carl and louise who share the things they have. they shared their appartments in whistler with us and gave us great times and lots of fun.

the weather was cloudy and it snowed a lot which meant we didn’t have the best visibility, but we had wonderful snow and fun, fun, fun. up on the slope i thought there was no bad run in whistler. it doesn’t matter which way you go, there is always something for everybody. every run is different from the last one even if you just went twice down the same one. pam went with wendy cross country skiing and from what they told us after we met again for dinner they very much enjoyed their day. (for pictues click here)

the great thing on this traditional GNP-(good news players) weekend is that even though different people have different interests we all meet up after an exciting day and look forward to each others stories. what kind of a day would it be if everybody would do the same thing and we all would stick together all the time. we would not have anything to talk about. it is nothing like that at the GNP weekend. sometimes we don’t see each other for weeks or even months and as soon as we meet again the stream of stories and interesting happenings are told and come together with laughter, friendship and of course good food and drinks.

all in all… it was a great time again and i am glad i could be part of it. i can’t wait to see what’s coming next.