i feel blessed and fortunate to have such great friends. We just came back from our second weekend in whistler and had a wonderful time again. this weekend was possible because we have such great friends. friends like dave and patti or carl and louise who share the things they have. they shared their appartments in whistler with us and gave us great times and lots of fun.

the weather was cloudy and it snowed a lot which meant we didn’t have the best visibility, but we had wonderful snow and fun, fun, fun. up on the slope i thought there was no bad run in whistler. it doesn’t matter which way you go, there is always something for everybody. every run is different from the last one even if you just went twice down the same one. pam went with wendy cross country skiing and from what they told us after we met again for dinner they very much enjoyed their day. (for pictues click here)

the great thing on this traditional GNP-(good news players) weekend is that even though different people have different interests we all meet up after an exciting day and look forward to each others stories. what kind of a day would it be if everybody would do the same thing and we all would stick together all the time. we would not have anything to talk about. it is nothing like that at the GNP weekend. sometimes we don’t see each other for weeks or even months and as soon as we meet again the stream of stories and interesting happenings are told and come together with laughter, friendship and of course good food and drinks.

all in all… it was a great time again and i am glad i could be part of it. i can’t wait to see what’s coming next.