time flies as usual and sooo much has happened since the last time i posted an entry. (I can’t believe it’s so long ago since my last entry)pam and i went back to vancouver after the show was over and tried to get our life organized….  as though that is ever going to happen ….. a week later we had our next big adventure this time it was mississauga just outside of toronto.

our first tv appearance at the shopping channel was on and for us it meant make it or break it.excitement was not the right word to describe our feelings before THE DAY if there is a right word. it was more like a mixture of scared-and-excited-and-can’t-wait-and-it-feels-all-a-little-bit-crazy-kind-of-feeling!!! if you know what i mean.     no, how can you know what i mean….. we didn’t know what’s going on and because of that we decided to just let it all go and see where it will take us. there was nothing we could do anymore anyways.  i think i have to make a long story short because this one could go on forever. we made sure we arrived in ontario with enough time to handle a flight delay etc without getting a stress attack and took the first day to pick up flowers and last minute props to decorate the set for the next day’s show. next day meant 12:00 am!! the day starts when the day starts!!!after our set was decorated and we met everybody we needed to see before the show started we went back to the hotel and had a few hours to relax.  at 11:00 pm we were ready to go and waited for pam’s first act on stage. 12:01 am came and pam was with richard (one of the shopping channel hosts) live on air and did an outstanding job. the next 24 hours went very well. we couldn’t believe the impact it made and how much fun it was.  after everything was done we went back to the hotel and tried to let it all sink in. we just wanted to enjoy the moment of the good sale and made sure we didn’t waste too much time thinking about shipping and handling all of the orders. it was definitely something we had to think through, but this wasn’t the right moment. it’s now about 5 weeks later since we went to the shopping channel and almost all the orders are out the door and reached hopefully all kinds of happy gardeners.we have only some very cold areas left and will hold them back until the weather is a little bit more like gardening weather. what i know for sure ….. a seasonal business is CRAZY!!