i really shouldn’t let that much time going by before my next blog entry, but it’s not planned in any way like that. at the end of may my niece alisa came for a visit from germany and we had a lot of fun. it was great to have her with us without her parents or anybody else. the last time she was here in canada was when she was about 8 years old ……now she is 18. talking about time passing fast.

we went downtown vancouver…always a treat…, granville island, for walks on the beach, shopping , relaxing , BBQing,  and even kayaking with wendy and kathy. it was a wonderful visit with great conversations and lots of fun.

alisa went back just in time to get the great news that she will be playing the european championship with the german U19 woman’s soccer team  in iceland.  YEAHHHH!!!

it’s now august already and alisa came home from iceland as a european champion!!!! yes they won and she was a big part of it. i am so proud of her!!!!!

our house is in constant construction. we started painting the front room, ripped out the carpet, installed laminate floor, put baseboards down and re-decorated just about everything!

after that room was done ……  pictures (click here)

the hallway didn’t look so great and the ceiling needed some extra paint there, too.

up the stairs the carpet was ugly…we took that out …. and the walls needed the wallpaper taken off and to be painted.  taking the wallpaper off was a whole other story.




the carpet upstairs in the hallway didn’t look great after the walls were painted and so we decided to rip it out and put the laminate floor down. we have enough laminate to do the whole house, but it wasn’t planned to do it all right now. well, this is how it always goes ….. you start a project and it is like opening a can of worms. it looks great though and i am glad we came as far as we did.

i will post more pictures in flickr as soon as i have time (haha).

oh yes, i have already a new project….i’m building a mudroom by the front door. it’s the typical situation that there is no room to take off your shoes or put a jacket on when you come in the front door. it’s not a big deal when it is nice outside and dry, but in the winter time when it is raining and wet you just don’t want the mess in the house. and that’s why i built the little mudroom….it looks great. i have maybe 2 more evenings to finish it off and will post pictures of it as soon as it’s done.

AND….. yes we have a cat now …….(picture click here) Simon is his name and to read about how he made his move into our house just click here and go to pam’s blog. she has the whole story for you.

that’s it for now….i have to go back …building, painting, laying floor, you name it.