Well, it’s 4 months later since I last wrote something …..

Simon the cat wound his way into our heart and thinks that his master plan is working extremely well and that his choice of house and owners was excellent!

….. J-a-c-k-p-o-t!

(click here to see more pics)

The mudroom is already done and in full swing. The initial idea was to have a room in front of the main-front-door. We would  then have a place for wet jackets and shoes and could take everything off before we entered the house. We still can do that, but the “room” also got a totally different purpose.

Simon …. yes, the cat again…. came home a few times beaten up a bit and he didn’t look that great. We  knew that there is a bully cat out there that keeps the neighborhood under control. Simon is not really a fighter, but we don’t think he would back off if it came to a confrontation. Self defense of course!

To give him a safe place to go and hopefully before it comes to a fight, we came up with this brilliant idea of putting in a cat door …. right into the new mud room. I went out to get some ideas on what exactly they look like and how to build them into the wall. My only concern was that I might be creating a place for all kinds of cats and other critters from our neighborhood in our cozy mudroom.

Another brilliant idea solved this problem …… a sensor controlled cat door. Yes, a sensor controlled flap. Cooooooool!


(click on the door to see more pictures)

Simon is now running around as the high-tech cat with a sensor hanging from his collar and the door only unlocks if he is the one standing in front of it sending the sensor-waves to the door. It sounds funny, and somehow it is, but it works and he loves it.

Every morning Simon goes out and checks out the neighborhood for new adventures. He now has the freedom to come back at any time to get a little treat or to have a snooooooooooozzze. The mudroom is close to the house so it’s relatively warm, has all-weather carpet, a box with a blanket to sleep in and it’s safe! What else does a cat need?

I can honestly say, being our pet is the best thing that could have happened to him.

Lucky Boy!!

p.s. There is much more to come ….. a trip to Germany and soooooo much more but I do have a job and need to work ….  so just come back and visit. Ok, I know sometimes it takes forever until I write something but you can also threaten me and let me know that you can’t live without my entries anymore and that I need to get my act together and write something. That would definitely be a motivator!