Reading up on my last entry it looks like I am still way back with keeping you updated. I was promising to tell you about our trip to Germany ….. oh my gosh… that was in December.

Ok, let’s do that!

For Christmas we planned to go to Germany and be with my parents and my sister and her family. We did that a few times now for Christmas and it’s always very nice to see everybody. This year was a little bit different because we had an extra visitor right after Christmas and into the New Year.

Kelly from San Francisco came to meet the family. Alisa, my niece is the older of two great and fabulous sisters who both play fantastic soccer for the National German Team. Alisa is a goalkeeper for the U20 and Laura is a field player for the U17 of Germany. Kelly is the head coach of the collage in San Francisco that Alisa is going to attend. She got a full schoolarship and will start her 4 years in August. EXCITING!!

Kelly came for a week to meet Alisa and her family. And did she ever!! One of best things that can happen to you when you go to Germany is meeting my family and their hospitality and the great food they will spoil you with. Kelly mentioned during her visit that this is the best vacation she ever had and that it ‘s easy if you meet the best family in the world…… well I have to agree!!

 Anyhow, the great thing was that we were in Germany at the same time and could meet and spend some time with Kelly. It was very helpful to my sister and my brother in law because Kelly didn’t speak german. It also was great for me to finally meet her, because we had many phone conversations in regards to Alisa’s contract etc before we finally met in person. She fit right into our family and we all had a hard time to let her go after 5 days of fantastic bonding and a great time.

Here are the pictures of our trip with visits from the Christkindl market in Basel Switzerland to great visits with my god child Emma and lots of family and friends, the visit with Kellly and the New Years celebration on the hill overlooking the fire works in Germany and Switzerland.

Since we are back one project after the other is lining up and we are chipping away…..

We put flooring into one of the rooms upstairs and turned it from an old-hardly-ever-used-ugly-office into a nice fresh and beautiful meditation room. We also call it Pam’s room because she likes to meditate in it and also have all her wool and books nicely organized and stored in this room.



  (click here to see the pictures)

I am now working on the back yard because the willow trees took over and had to go ….. with them went the fence because the fence was leaning on the trees and …. well ….. no trees, no fence.  We opened another can of worms and now it looks like we need a new fence on one side, a hedge on the other side….. and why not build a deck, fill the lot with gravel, take out all the trees and start all over again with the back yard landscaping 🙂

And oh yes …. I was in Toronto for Canada Blooms and a week later back again in Toronto with Pam for the Shopping Channel……….

I told you …life is happening

I will keep you updated.