i know i haven’t written anything in my blog for almost 2 weeks…..sorry but i was very busy.


my projects seem to get bigger and bigger. after i was done with building a show booth i started cleaning out my workshop. the plan is to move all the tools and the STUFF (help!!!) into the front 1/3 of the garage and use the back 2/3 which was already a workshop and turn it into a drum studio.

well ……  the project kind of got bigger and bigger by the minute. there was already a wall with a very small door but it needed some good insulation and also a wider door to go from the front of the garage to the back. no big deal i thought and so i started…….





it’s now 3 weeks later and i am getting closer to the end of the chaos. after i took off the gyprock from the existing wall i realised that it would be much easier to take out the whole wall rather than trying to build around an existing mess. and so it went …… it didn’t take me long and the whole wall was gone.


i am now back with a newly “safe’n sound” insulated wall, a new door, gyprock and even a new door knob! woohoo! it will take me a while to finish this project because i am working around all the things that were in the room before and also have to go back in again.

i am moving things from right to left….. building, sawing, cutting, hammering ….and then everything goes back to the right. also, the weather has not been very cooperative these days. everytime i have all the stuff moved out into the driveway it starts raining and off i go putting everything back into the garage just to make it a little bit more complicated to work.




anyhow, i am chipping away bit by bit and it looks better every day. i can’t wait to get this project done so i can move my drum set out of the family room. this means i can then start laying the new laminate floor! oops, i am getting ahead of myself  ….  one project at a time.



my show booth is finally done.

i have to say i am a little bit proud of it…… i am also a little bit sad that it’s all done, because i like building things. it’s kind of rewarding when an idea comes toghether. kathy gave me a hand with painting the backdrop and giving it the look of a shed. thanks kathy very much!! you are great! debbie sewed the roof (we like to call it the sail) and did a great job!! thanks to you too, debbi. we love what you did!!

now i have to number everything and pack it up to go to toronto. the real test will be when we put it all back together but i am not concerned. it’s all figured out and will be great. can’t wait to use it.  but for now, i can’t wait to hear about your reaction. let me know what you think in the comments.

until then …….    




ohhhhh, this is so much fun!!!

this morning after i checked my email and went to my blog i had 11 messages and mails! super!  thank you to everybody that took the time to post a comment or mail me. i knew i can count on my canadian friends. i can feel a lot of fun coming up.

today, saturday, i went to home depot attending a class about renovating the basement. i know, i know we don’t have a basement, but i thought a wall is a wall is a wall. and so it was. you can never learn enough …….. i went home with a few more ideas and some of my questions answered. i used today to work on my project – building a new show booth. the hardest part on a booth is not only the look, but also the practicality….building it in a way that it is easy to pack into smaller pieces and also that it is not getting too heavy. i think i am getting there …… it’s going to be a backdrop that looks like a shed with some cute little details. i won’t give too many details away. as soon as the backdrop is painted i will post pictures for everybody to look at. so make sure to come back and get the “whole picture” . here is a little glimpse behind the stage 🙂

imgp2383.JPG   imgp2386.JPG

I just added 2 new pages to my blog called ” my favourite videos” and “this is crazy!  …..see on the right side ….

check it out …and turn on your speakers !!

another successful day at the auction!!! yeaaaahhhhhh !

for the longest time pam and i were thinking of getting a laminate floor for our front room  but couldn’t make up our minds about when to start, where to get it and should we, could we, maybe just one room to begin with etc . my last trip to the auction answered all our questions. there it was….. a pallet full of laminate floor just like we wanted it. WOHOOOO!  it was early afternoon and i was just checking at the auction what was going on and if it was worth to go tonight . well….. of course it was worth to go tonight as long as pam was as excited about getting floor as i was. i called her right away and told her what i just found and was wondering if she would like to come with me tonight. i didn’t want to buy flooring for our house without her seeing it.


she was excited but not quite as ‘crazy’ excited as me…but that’s just the way i am …….wohooooooo! you know…….

i rushed home to confirm the room size. hmm, maybe the flooring will sell at a really good price and we could get it for the whole house??  wow, now we are talking. wishful thinking i thought, but when it comes to the auction you never know.

i measured every room upstairs, hallway, stairs……everything and went as prepared as i could be to get pam and off we went to the auction.

we won our bid and are now proud owners of enough laminate flooring to do our whole house! how exciting!!

we got is for such a good price, that we couldn’t say no to the deal! now it’s up to us to get it done. our work is cut out for us, but there is no rush.  right now i am working on cleaning out my workshop. i want to turn it into a drum room/studio. after the drum set is moved from the front room into the new drum room we can paint the front room and start to lay the floor in there. ……. and that will  be the beginnnig of a lot of work 🙂

i am looking forward to this job, but that is now…… ask me in a few weeks again 🙂 so, stay tuned for more updates and adventures.

i really don’t know what to expect next.

after about 6 weeks of rain and flooding in october and early november pam and i were glad to have a break and went off on our long awaited trip to los angeles. we had great weather and lots of fun with walks in shorts and lunch outside in a beer garden-like restaurant. (this trip is a complete other story)

on the way back to vancouver we were reminded of the weird weather we left behind a few days ago. snowstorm in vancouver and delays of about 6 hours was the news of the day ……. we arrived late late late or better said early in the morning in vancouver and stayed in the city because of late-night-bad-road-conditions and a snowed in car.  we went home the next morning. many further days of snow, cold winds and just unusual conditions for langley and vancouver were followed by a lot and i mean a lot of rain.  well …i almost forgot the wind.  an unbelievable windstorm  raced through the lower mainland taking everything with it…..

i am not sure if i have ever experienced such a powerful wind. it’s kind of creepy and hard to believe how powerful it really is. we heard in the news about stanley park and that about 1000 trees were lost. oh my gosh…..1000 trees!!!  this can’t be!! it’s stanley park!!  how can we lose 1000 trees in stanley park?  a weekend later we had a short trip to vancouver and drove partly through the park to see some of the damage. it was almost too dark already to see what really happened, but after searching through the internet to find some pictures of the damage i am almost glad we didn’t see more that night.

the power of nature is just unbelievable. …..  what can i say… just check it out for yourself. i found these pictures in flickr. somebody took them and posted them online. i am not totally sure what the ‘fat ass’ run is, but the guy has good pictures. click on the pictire or the link below… same thing:


for pictures (click here)

 and then there was another storm …and another …..and today we had a rainfall like never before. as i was looking out the bedroom window this morning it felt like somebody was standing on the roof pouring down a bucket of water right in front of the window. it was just pouring.

crazy, crazy, crazy…….. toronto had 7 degrees plus today …. it’s january and i am almost sure they didn’t even have snow yet.

where does it go from here…..what’s coming next???


christmas is a time to relax and enjoy. that’s at least what it should be. this year i made a conscious effort to do just that and i think i was pretty successful. it’s not always easy but what is these days? at work this time of year is always a little bit stressier, because we work with a bit of time pressure and need to get certain things done before christmas time and before everybody next in line goes on a break. but, as ususal everything was done in time and now i am enjoying the christmas holidays. i think the only thing that i am really missing is my family. they are just too far away for days like this and talking to them on the phone is just not the same. even though i love talking to them on the phone but …..you know what i mean.

anyhow, christmas is going great, the music is running in our cd player, the candles are burning and the food goes into our mouths faster than it should. oh what the heck…. it’s the season to be jolly and there is so much time afterwards to watch your weight and only eat healthy food. there is just no good way of saying :  “no thanks” to pam’s self-made ulra-super-fabulous cookies.

i hope everybody has a lot of time to enjoy this holiday season with friends and family.

merry christmas!