Reading up on my last entry it looks like I am still way back with keeping you updated. I was promising to tell you about our trip to Germany ….. oh my gosh… that was in December.

Ok, let’s do that!

For Christmas we planned to go to Germany and be with my parents and my sister and her family. We did that a few times now for Christmas and it’s always very nice to see everybody. This year was a little bit different because we had an extra visitor right after Christmas and into the New Year.

Kelly from San Francisco came to meet the family. Alisa, my niece is the older of two great and fabulous sisters who both play fantastic soccer for the National German Team. Alisa is a goalkeeper for the U20 and Laura is a field player for the U17 of Germany. Kelly is the head coach of the collage in San Francisco that Alisa is going to attend. She got a full schoolarship and will start her 4 years in August. EXCITING!!

Kelly came for a week to meet Alisa and her family. And did she ever!! One of best things that can happen to you when you go to Germany is meeting my family and their hospitality and the great food they will spoil you with. Kelly mentioned during her visit that this is the best vacation she ever had and that it ‘s easy if you meet the best family in the world…… well I have to agree!!

 Anyhow, the great thing was that we were in Germany at the same time and could meet and spend some time with Kelly. It was very helpful to my sister and my brother in law because Kelly didn’t speak german. It also was great for me to finally meet her, because we had many phone conversations in regards to Alisa’s contract etc before we finally met in person. She fit right into our family and we all had a hard time to let her go after 5 days of fantastic bonding and a great time.

Here are the pictures of our trip with visits from the Christkindl market in Basel Switzerland to great visits with my god child Emma and lots of family and friends, the visit with Kellly and the New Years celebration on the hill overlooking the fire works in Germany and Switzerland.

Since we are back one project after the other is lining up and we are chipping away…..

We put flooring into one of the rooms upstairs and turned it from an old-hardly-ever-used-ugly-office into a nice fresh and beautiful meditation room. We also call it Pam’s room because she likes to meditate in it and also have all her wool and books nicely organized and stored in this room.



  (click here to see the pictures)

I am now working on the back yard because the willow trees took over and had to go ….. with them went the fence because the fence was leaning on the trees and …. well ….. no trees, no fence.  We opened another can of worms and now it looks like we need a new fence on one side, a hedge on the other side….. and why not build a deck, fill the lot with gravel, take out all the trees and start all over again with the back yard landscaping 🙂

And oh yes …. I was in Toronto for Canada Blooms and a week later back again in Toronto with Pam for the Shopping Channel……….

I told you …life is happening

I will keep you updated.




Well, it’s 4 months later since I last wrote something …..

Simon the cat wound his way into our heart and thinks that his master plan is working extremely well and that his choice of house and owners was excellent!

….. J-a-c-k-p-o-t!

(click here to see more pics)

The mudroom is already done and in full swing. The initial idea was to have a room in front of the main-front-door. We would  then have a place for wet jackets and shoes and could take everything off before we entered the house. We still can do that, but the “room” also got a totally different purpose.

Simon …. yes, the cat again…. came home a few times beaten up a bit and he didn’t look that great. We  knew that there is a bully cat out there that keeps the neighborhood under control. Simon is not really a fighter, but we don’t think he would back off if it came to a confrontation. Self defense of course!

To give him a safe place to go and hopefully before it comes to a fight, we came up with this brilliant idea of putting in a cat door …. right into the new mud room. I went out to get some ideas on what exactly they look like and how to build them into the wall. My only concern was that I might be creating a place for all kinds of cats and other critters from our neighborhood in our cozy mudroom.

Another brilliant idea solved this problem …… a sensor controlled cat door. Yes, a sensor controlled flap. Cooooooool!


(click on the door to see more pictures)

Simon is now running around as the high-tech cat with a sensor hanging from his collar and the door only unlocks if he is the one standing in front of it sending the sensor-waves to the door. It sounds funny, and somehow it is, but it works and he loves it.

Every morning Simon goes out and checks out the neighborhood for new adventures. He now has the freedom to come back at any time to get a little treat or to have a snooooooooooozzze. The mudroom is close to the house so it’s relatively warm, has all-weather carpet, a box with a blanket to sleep in and it’s safe! What else does a cat need?

I can honestly say, being our pet is the best thing that could have happened to him.

Lucky Boy!!

p.s. There is much more to come ….. a trip to Germany and soooooo much more but I do have a job and need to work ….  so just come back and visit. Ok, I know sometimes it takes forever until I write something but you can also threaten me and let me know that you can’t live without my entries anymore and that I need to get my act together and write something. That would definitely be a motivator!


i really shouldn’t let that much time going by before my next blog entry, but it’s not planned in any way like that. at the end of may my niece alisa came for a visit from germany and we had a lot of fun. it was great to have her with us without her parents or anybody else. the last time she was here in canada was when she was about 8 years old ……now she is 18. talking about time passing fast.

we went downtown vancouver…always a treat…, granville island, for walks on the beach, shopping , relaxing , BBQing,  and even kayaking with wendy and kathy. it was a wonderful visit with great conversations and lots of fun.

alisa went back just in time to get the great news that she will be playing the european championship with the german U19 woman’s soccer team  in iceland.  YEAHHHH!!!

it’s now august already and alisa came home from iceland as a european champion!!!! yes they won and she was a big part of it. i am so proud of her!!!!!

our house is in constant construction. we started painting the front room, ripped out the carpet, installed laminate floor, put baseboards down and re-decorated just about everything!

after that room was done ……  pictures (click here)

the hallway didn’t look so great and the ceiling needed some extra paint there, too.

up the stairs the carpet was ugly…we took that out …. and the walls needed the wallpaper taken off and to be painted.  taking the wallpaper off was a whole other story.




the carpet upstairs in the hallway didn’t look great after the walls were painted and so we decided to rip it out and put the laminate floor down. we have enough laminate to do the whole house, but it wasn’t planned to do it all right now. well, this is how it always goes ….. you start a project and it is like opening a can of worms. it looks great though and i am glad we came as far as we did.

i will post more pictures in flickr as soon as i have time (haha).

oh yes, i have already a new project….i’m building a mudroom by the front door. it’s the typical situation that there is no room to take off your shoes or put a jacket on when you come in the front door. it’s not a big deal when it is nice outside and dry, but in the winter time when it is raining and wet you just don’t want the mess in the house. and that’s why i built the little mudroom….it looks great. i have maybe 2 more evenings to finish it off and will post pictures of it as soon as it’s done.

AND….. yes we have a cat now …….(picture click here) Simon is his name and to read about how he made his move into our house just click here and go to pam’s blog. she has the whole story for you.

that’s it for now….i have to go back …building, painting, laying floor, you name it.

time flies as usual and sooo much has happened since the last time i posted an entry. (I can’t believe it’s so long ago since my last entry)pam and i went back to vancouver after the show was over and tried to get our life organized….  as though that is ever going to happen ….. a week later we had our next big adventure this time it was mississauga just outside of toronto.

our first tv appearance at the shopping channel was on and for us it meant make it or break it.excitement was not the right word to describe our feelings before THE DAY if there is a right word. it was more like a mixture of scared-and-excited-and-can’t-wait-and-it-feels-all-a-little-bit-crazy-kind-of-feeling!!! if you know what i mean.     no, how can you know what i mean….. we didn’t know what’s going on and because of that we decided to just let it all go and see where it will take us. there was nothing we could do anymore anyways.  i think i have to make a long story short because this one could go on forever. we made sure we arrived in ontario with enough time to handle a flight delay etc without getting a stress attack and took the first day to pick up flowers and last minute props to decorate the set for the next day’s show. next day meant 12:00 am!! the day starts when the day starts!!!after our set was decorated and we met everybody we needed to see before the show started we went back to the hotel and had a few hours to relax.  at 11:00 pm we were ready to go and waited for pam’s first act on stage. 12:01 am came and pam was with richard (one of the shopping channel hosts) live on air and did an outstanding job. the next 24 hours went very well. we couldn’t believe the impact it made and how much fun it was.  after everything was done we went back to the hotel and tried to let it all sink in. we just wanted to enjoy the moment of the good sale and made sure we didn’t waste too much time thinking about shipping and handling all of the orders. it was definitely something we had to think through, but this wasn’t the right moment. it’s now about 5 weeks later since we went to the shopping channel and almost all the orders are out the door and reached hopefully all kinds of happy gardeners.we have only some very cold areas left and will hold them back until the weather is a little bit more like gardening weather. what i know for sure ….. a seasonal business is CRAZY!!  


ohhhh how i love this show ………. every year at about the same time (beginning of march) we are at the canada blooms show in toronto. the weeks before are always a little bit stressful with getting all the things we need for the show organized, but i still love every minute of it.
this year we decided to build a new show booth which would be more representative of who we are and what we are all about than the past booth. i already mentioned the building of it in my past blog entry and you already saw the picture of it, but now it was finally time to show it off.

every year since the first time we attended the show, patti was with us und helped us out!! thank god for that! it wouldn’t be the same without her. we (this year it was pam and me) arrived in toronto on monday morning and had the tuesday to set up our booth and get comfortable in our hotel. patti visited with a friend and met us tuesday evening in our hotel where we all settled in to start our show week wednesday morning.

i still think it is unbelievable what people create in a few days in the middle of a hall …. flat concrete floor and that’s it. they start about 4 days before the show with piles and piles and piles of soil, trees, bushes, forced flowering bulbs and just about anything you can imagine. 4 days later when the show starts it looks like the gardens have always been there and the waterfall, the bridge, the huge shed and patios, the ponds and rock walls will stay there for ever. that’s the sad part about it….. everything will be taken away in about 2 days right after the show and it looks like nothing ever happened. AMAZING! to talk about it all would take for ever. there was just too much nice stuff, too many great ideas and too much inspiration to name them all. take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.   

(to see the pictures click here)

what i know for sure is ….. i love every minute of it. from the flight to toronto, the time with patti and pam in the hotel, the endless hours in our booth talking about the catalogue and what we are all about, the presentations, the talks and walking through the show gardens to the flight home and looking back at everything. i am very glad that we always have such a great time and can’t wait for the next show. next year, same place, same time.

i feel blessed and fortunate to have such great friends. We just came back from our second weekend in whistler and had a wonderful time again. this weekend was possible because we have such great friends. friends like dave and patti or carl and louise who share the things they have. they shared their appartments in whistler with us and gave us great times and lots of fun.

the weather was cloudy and it snowed a lot which meant we didn’t have the best visibility, but we had wonderful snow and fun, fun, fun. up on the slope i thought there was no bad run in whistler. it doesn’t matter which way you go, there is always something for everybody. every run is different from the last one even if you just went twice down the same one. pam went with wendy cross country skiing and from what they told us after we met again for dinner they very much enjoyed their day. (for pictues click here)

the great thing on this traditional GNP-(good news players) weekend is that even though different people have different interests we all meet up after an exciting day and look forward to each others stories. what kind of a day would it be if everybody would do the same thing and we all would stick together all the time. we would not have anything to talk about. it is nothing like that at the GNP weekend. sometimes we don’t see each other for weeks or even months and as soon as we meet again the stream of stories and interesting happenings are told and come together with laughter, friendship and of course good food and drinks.

all in all… it was a great time again and i am glad i could be part of it. i can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

i love whistler!!  i don’t know how often i have been in whistler but everytime it feels like i am falling in love with this place agian.  unfortunately we didn’t have sunshine this past weekend, but 6″ new snow, yeahhhh !!!

our great friends carolyn and gerard with their most beautiful baby michele came from los angeles for a visit.  we went to whistler and enjoyed every minute we had together. ahhhhhhh i love trips with people who feel and think the same way we do. there was no stress just great times and lots of fun. i think it’s much easier to just look at the pictures and judge for yourself. be careful …. extreme cuteness ahead!    (click here)